If we look besides us, we can see almost all the bloggers have interests to make money from blogging. They follow various methods to monetize their blogs, but the common fact is, everyone wants to monetize blog to meet up the thirsts and to bear his blogging expenses. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy as easy to say. We have to make plans and form them […]

The search engine giant ‘Google’ is making innovative tweaks and trends to its algorithms. One of them is google page layout algorithm update. We have already made such awful experiences from those algorithm updates. Previously The Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates were supposed to be the death of spammers. But on February 6, 2014 Google rolled out one of its ancient updates for page layout […]

Meta tags have significant values in our on page seo process. At the starting of optimization, we do add meta tags to our web pages. Do you know why? It’s because of serving structured metadata. Let’s talk about the search engine crawlers. How could they find out the exact information of a webpage? Apparently they need hints or clues for proper identification. The metatags help […]

Three questions the dummies usually ask: 1. What is a Blog? 2. What is a Blogger? 3. What is Blogging? In my opinion, these three words are relatively new to the such audiences. These are neither general dictionary words, nor technical words. So what are these? People are interested to build a professional blogging career. But do they exactly know what are they referring? Yeah, […]

A pretty question about affiliate links is how to mask affiliate links that is safe in Google’s eye. Or is that what Google recommends? Those links are very similar to paid links as those were dumped previously by Google. Many of the popular sites got penalized for paid links. So the question is how to handle those? Affiliation is the process to drive leads or […]