A sitemap is entirely of a great value. It helps the search engine crawlers to crawl more efficiently. That’s mean more indexing rate, more search traffic. In fact, you should create an xml sitemap for your blogger/blogspot blog too. Let me explain shortly what it is. Sitemap is a simple xml file that contains all the pages of a website sorting by their values. At […]

Well, actually affiliate marketing has been reported as the most significant earning method over the web. Days after days the count of emergent marketers is increasing. Especially wordpress affiliate marketers are growing over in a noticeable value. WordPress has been nominated as the best blogging platform by the top 100 blogs. Plugins have made affiliation so easy that we can’t even think about another platform. […]

An open question towards you, “Should you blog for money or just focus on growing readership?”. Well, I’m pretty sure the answers will vary upon people’s taste and interest. Actually, both have powerful backgrounds which are enforcing us to do these. Whatever you are doing is good, but however there are some criteria behind. You might ask what make me realize them. So I’m gonna […]

The earnest bloggers really want to write a handful amount of paid posts and reviews each month to make some real bucks. Actually just 3-5 posts or even lower can make you thousand of bucks easily if your blog is top notch among the niche industry. That’s why the serious money makers want to write reviews and sponsored posts. That was the good side we […]

Comments, ah no doubt this is one of the most important parts of a blog. Several amount of commenting systems is available on the web. Almost all of them are excellent and worthy of trying. But why did we choose only discuss comments, excepting others? Unfortunately the bad news is the history behind this selection is quite long. But the good news, we are going […]