What is a Blog? What is a Blogger? What is Blogging?

Three questions the dummies usually ask: 1. What is a Blog? 2. What is a Blogger? 3. What is Blogging? In my opinion, these three words are relatively new to the such audiences. These are neither general dictionary words, nor technical words. So what are these? People are interested to build a professional blogging career. But do they exactly know what are they referring?

Yeah, these are quite initial knowledge, but we should know its ins and outs. One can only be said pro blogger when he leads deep knowledge and wisdom in the small topics. It’s true, knowledge never goes wasted. So how could miss out the advance learning of the initial topics? So let’s get to the points.

Initial Learning About Blog, Blogger and Blogging

What is a Blog?

Definition: A blog is an online web page or diary where an individual person or a whole community do contributing their writings. It doesn’t mean to have only valuable contents. Even there would be readers and their engagements. The writers are bound to write contents on a regular basis. Only then it will be called a blog. No other websites are as active as blogs.

Origins: In Before, blogs were not so popular as it is now. The old companies and organizations kept a web page to share their news and contents. Personal blogs were not even introduced. In 1994, Justin Hall started his very first personal blog. The journalists and diarists were mostly enthusiast in blogs then. Those blogs were based on simple website scripts. The new model of blogs is inspired by the diaries, which is formerly known as web log. Now it’s possible to do blogging with content management systems such as wordpress, blogger and joomla,

Example: We have lunched BloggingSpell about 3 months ago. It’s a platform where I individually write the contents. But I’m really sorry to say, it’s not a community blog. I contribute my writings after specific intervals. I try my best to afford time for regular blogging. So it’s a live example of a blog.

What is a Blogger?

Definition: A blogger is him who plays the role to keep the blog updated. Generally, who writes on the blogs is recognized as a blogger. He manages to write on his personal blogs and further on the community blogs. Those bloggers keep proficient knowledge in specific topics where he could write thousand better than anyone else.

Origins: Bloggers history is very similar to blogs. Because the blogs were written first by the bloggers. So there is nothing to distinguish. Justin Hall, Jerry Pournelle, Dave Winer were the most earlier bloggers of the twentieth century. Day by day, the number of bloggers is dramatically increasing.

Example: I writefor my blog and other community blogs as well. I do the job of updating my blog. I prefer to write about blogging, seo and internet marketing. So as per its definition, I would be said as a blogger. Not so popular, but I would deserve it.

What is Blogging?

Definition: Blogging is the job of adding new materials to the blogs. Simply it is the blog updating process. The bloggers find new ideas to write and publish it on their blogs. And that is what blogging means. Blogging doesn’t mean only contents, it would be images, references, syndication etc. So adding new materials to blogs is blogging.

Origins: Its history is not apart of blog’s history. On 14 June 1993, Mosaic Communications Corporation started a web page about what’s new. It’s one sort of blogging, but people couldn’t get that. After that, modern blog has started with Justin Hall and many others. Then the perform is named blogging publicly.

Example: Its example is really simple. As I gave all the examples of myself, this one won’t be apart of it. I do the act of updating BloggingSpell regularly. So this is the work of blogging. Very simple, isn’t it?

[ All The Historical Information Were Collected From Wikipedia ]

Have You Got The Points?

The topics I discussed today would be really simple for such geek like you. But I am sure it’d be new and unknown to the common people. They would have heard it before but didn’t know the explanations. But now I think, they have got their answers for the following three questions: What is a blog, what is a blogger and what is blogging. What’s your answer to these questions. I will be eagerly waiting for your answers.

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