How to Do Penguin-Proof Social Bookmarking For SEO Value

Social bookmarking, a very common and overused technique to build backlinks. It is almost impossible to find out a seo who never tried this at least for once. As a result, it’s getting attention of search spam filtering teams as a vulnerable of ranking.

The leading search engine Google’s web-spam head “Matt Cutts” and other associates are intended to put an end to the manipulating link buildings. With Google Penguin, they were able to shut link spams almost by 100%.

Now low quality social bookmarks can vanish your current rankings in no time. But do you know what, there is a penguin-proof strategy, you can use to create bookmarks. Yeah, it is risky, but you can get most value out of it in proper strategy.

Can’t resist your interest? So ain’t I. Though, you need to peek into the following point first.

social bookmarking for seo

Why I’m saying again and again, this is a risky business

You may ask me, why so precautions in it? The short answer is “Link that is created at ease usually has low value, contrary, the link that is created by cracking the hard nut has very high value”.

While it is about bookmarking, everyone can do it instantly. That’s why it will be not of that quality. So what’s the solution?

We have to work hard and spend more time on them that reflects your efforts. I believe, if we can make it different than others, it will definitely help.

So all we have to do is, forget the common style, make it the way that no one tried before. It will definitely get passed the algorithm targets as you’re doing something different. The key thing that will work behind this is “diversity”.

The step-by-step strategy for social bookmarks

Step #1: Find top bookmarking sites

First of all, you have to target sites that will add you value. I recommend to choose those sites who still have high authority in Google’s eye. not the ordinaries.

Sounds kind of tough, right? You shouldn’t worry because eBizMBA has a good list. You can follow the list here.

Step #2: Make variations in titles

The first thing of a bookmark is title. Most of the times, link will be anchored in title. So we need to be serious about it otherwise it could lead you negative seo.

So it is a must, you should vary every single title with exact match, partial matched and unmatched terms. Just make sure not to use same title in multiple bookmarks.

Step #3: Write unique descriptions every time

When creating bookmarks, you need to provide the link description. To save time, most of the people copy and paste the text they’ve written once.

Unfortunately, that could result into links from duplicate content pages. And link from duplicate content has an awful disadvantage in seo.

So all you have to do is, write new and unique descriptions every time. As quantity doesn’t matter, it is better to have one unique bookmark than five duplicates.

Step #4: Add deep, related tags

Another step in bookmarking is adding tags. They will help users to search for appropriate results.

So, you can use them to get more targeted traffic. Please keep in mind that the tags are not keywords. So don’t make mistakes by over-optimizing them. Just be relevant and you’re good to go.

Step #5: Mix nofollow and dofollow

Among those sites, some are nofollow and some are dofollow. We had this tendency, dofollow links are better, so we should only target them.

But don’t ever make this mistake. Penguin targets link profile, only the natural link profiles can survive. So make sure to lead a natural proportion. It could be 50-50 or 60-50 according to your view.

Step #6: Avoid too many links from a single domain

Another great mistake we do that we never count how many links we have got from one bookmarking site. The truth is, it can seriously brake your natural link profile.

So make sure to be safe by analyzing them besides creating. Please keep in mind that many links from one domain is counted as one, as being stated by Google. So keep yourself up with it. For better analyzing, you can use Google Webmaster Tools.

Step #7: Make limited backlinks in limited time

Google can track how fast links are growing and how fast they are losing. So if you make mass links at once, it could send them a negative signal.

So make schedule how often and how many you will be creating. In this way, you can lead a very strong link profile.

So how would manage it from now?

This is the strategy I use to create social bookmarking. Now it’s your turn. I will advise you to “be creative, do creative”. That will be safe in Google’s eye for sure.

Footprints in the works are not at all a bad practice. Actually I think, it’s good. So, follow the best and updated strategies. And leave some footprints to make it natural. That’s it!

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