Content Discovery: No More Struggling for Money or Traffic

The blessings of content discovery might look like a desert, full of water. A complete solution for marketers who want money and traffic all at once.

Isn’t that true, money and traffic are your main concerns? Don’t be shy, we too have the same. You might have taken an oath to convert traffic into money or vice versa. Though, that wasn’t successful anyway.

The situations you could confront, you have enough traffic but can’t monetize it correctly. Where you could realize too, you want to spend money for traffic but lack of quality scopes.

Introducing content discovery platforms

Don’t worry at all. You will feel hilarious, content discovery platform can add a revolutionary growth to your prospective. It will lay you two golden eggs of those desires.

You’re sure to be wondering by now, isn’t it? It will last a few more minutes as you are about to know what it is and how it works.

What is content discovery?

By the word “discover”, you might think people will discover contents from where it is not suppose to. You are almost right if you did. People will find contents unexpectedly from different publishers. Let’s make it clear by an example.

Did you see “Promoted Stories” or relevant blocks in other websites or blogs? To be more precise, did you see it on CNN which is one of the largest news portal? Take a peek on their news, and you will come to know they show stories from other sites.

cnn promoted stories

So the methodology is, publishers will promote third party contents for financial benefit where advertisers will provide the tariff. Therefore, one side will make money, another side visitors. And the whole methodology is called “Content Discovery”.

It sounds easy but not really. The maintenance is complicated, done by big platforms like Outbrain, Taboola. They use a search algorithm to capture page keywords in their network and serve recommended contents accordingly to them. Their target is, be 100% relate to visitor’s perspective.

Who really need this?

(1) The publishers who want to make some extra layer of money being loyal and transparent to his visitors. They have vast of traffic, but earning is lower than expectation. By participating in discovery platforms they will:

  • Make more revenues in pay-per-click model
  • Create relation with other brands
  • Provide users more resources to read

(2) The advertisers who want to invest money in building targeted traffic and influence their online businesses. They have money, but not the quality funds to invest. By joining these platforms they will:

  • Get insane traffic from niche industries
  • Promote the brand among new audiences
  • Build trust and credibility over the brand

Which are the best content discovery platforms?

To make sure you don’t make any mistake in the selection, I’m going to suggest you five popular platforms. You can choose according to your taste.

1. Outbrain

Yet the most popular among all platforms. They aimed to get content discovered via premium publishers. Outbrain has the largest number of advertisers and publishers (including top 80% brands) with the best payouts.

Over 190 billion recommendations are served every month where they reach 561 million unique visitors. Isn’t that huge?

They believe in interest based traffic which will only make differences in the new era. So it is altogether a stunning opportunity for marketers to get both traffic and money.

2. Taboola

The toughest competitor of Outbrain is no one else but Taboola. It is recommending contents in many highly-trafficked sites including The Weather Channel, AOL, The Atlantic, etc.

200 billion recommendations, 550 million unique visitors per month, is kind of huge! Just think what would happen if you gain only 0.001% of that visitors. Even content monetization has made easy with Taboola.

3. Gravity

Gravity is aimed to personalize the internet. Why so difficulties in marketing? They can handle it by getting right contents from advertisers and publishers in front of right audiences. They will use “The Interest Graph” technology to make everyone happy.

They also have an extensive network that will help you build traffic. The publishers get paid as they expect to. So this platform is a win-win selection for marketers.

4. Nster

Do you want your website in front of 540 million people? You need this cutting-edge platform with impressive features. The Daily Squib, WebSpectator, I4U News and further big brands are their main customers.

They support geo, device and content targeting in very affordable price. Where on the other side, publishers are rewarded with good payments. So both sides will get benefited by getting or delivering target audiences.

5. Disqus

Disqus is a popular name in the commenting field. A fascinating comment system, which was able to make a huge community. Disqus Network reaches 500 million monthly unique visitors from across 750,000 websites.

From a comment system, they have developed into a network with boundless opportunities. The advertisers can associate with them where the publishers can make earning through their promoted discovery.

How to make them effective

Do you think, you’ve joined the platforms, and you’re done? Shake off the pitfall. Unless you take practical steps, these will look almost useless. Both the advertisers and publishers must do a few important works.

The advertisers need to:

Understand the goals

Who are you crowdsourcing? Is that a random reason? Do you want to get leads? Or do you want brand exposures? Think before you proceed. To keep focused on your campaign, you need to understand your goals first. A perfectly planned campaign can give more than your expectations.

Choose perfect content to promote

A content is well appreciated by its niche audiences. So you don’t want to be an advertiser who promotes health-related content in a tech blog, do you? Choose the content wisely that the publishing website readers would love as they usually do.

Track performance and engagement

Was your advertising campaign successful? The answer you can only get when you will monitor performance and user engagement. Keep yourself peeking in the report to know about the progress. Not getting expected results? You need to moderate the campaign right away.

The publishers need to:

Choose suitable platforms

This is the truth; not every platform is match made for your website. It will be foolish to depend upon a platform closing your eyes. Instead, keep your head up to their knowledge-base, know more about them, choose the perfect one according to your tastes.

Make better placements

Promoted content placement is same necessary as your banner ads. It should be where the visitors will feel comfortable and creates more revenues. Though I should let you know, there is no exact or best placement. Because not all the websites are same, it does vary from site to site.

Track generated revenues

Are you making enough money being a content publisher? You need to monitor it regularly in order to know, the path, you chose, is either right or wrong. If it is not generating money as you expected, you could be sure something is wrong in placement or platform that need to be improved.

Shift from search to discovery

You might think after hearing these, is it a good time to shift from search to discovery? Let’s make it clear before you make any decision.

Are you wholeheartedly depending upon search engines like Google? Then the consequence could be so horrible you never thought. We don’t have any hint what will be Google’s next update. If your strategy somehow gets targeted, you can lose up to 100% of your Google traffic.

Would you like to see that day come? You never be. So the only solution is, make your brand popular that you need not depend upon search engines.

Here in this case, content discovery could be your ultimate traffic generator and mass brand promoter. It will stand strong whether you have search traffic or not.

Though do you know what, search traffic is search traffic with its own style. We need to depend upon Google too to get a ton of free traffic. So why not mix ’em up?

Work on getting more search traffics while looking forward to discovery platforms. This is the best combination ever for digital marketers.

Wrapping up!

Marketing and monetization have never been easy; it is all up to the trends. You need to keep alternating it according to the trends.

Nowadays, the all-in-one marketing soldier is content discovery. All you need the proper strategy and you will rock.

So my advice is, don’t depend upon search engines all by yourself. Give some of your time to this unique strategy, I’m sure you will be surprised at the results.

What’s your opinion, isn’t content discovery platform useful? We would appreciate your story!

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