Grammarly Review: Make Your Contents Even More Readable

The importance of readability is indescribable. We write to get read, and this quality signal defines our success.

To tell you the truth, it is never easy for a non-native English speaker to write highly readable content that entertains in every word, at least not was for me.

I wake up every day nurturing the desire to write scanty 1% better than yesterday. The lever that significantly helps me achieving this goal is Grammarly.

grammarly review

Being a non-native writer, you have to keep plenty of things in mind like grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, fragment, redundant, dangling modifier and oh gosh, so many!

But this tool could be a savior for you, even for the native speakers (scroll down to know the facts how).

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an automated proofreading application that will check grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary for errors and come up with corrections or improvements.

According to their statistics, more than 4 million people endorsed this engine and about 600 universities and corporations have licensed this product.

If you are a content writer, you will need some guidance to write more readable content. This tool can help you proofread what you write to make sure that gets appreciation.

➣ Why this tool is equally necessary for the native writers

You might be thinking why would you need a proofreading tool since you are a native English writer, and your writing is good as well?

Honestly, I have no doubt you are one of the most talented writers, but if you are human, you are meant to make mistakes.

“To err is human” is a famous quote. It means human beings will make mistakes, if they are not, they are not human.

The top writers of the world can make mistakes when writing, you and me both can make the same. To identify these uncertain errors and get solutions, a tool like Grammarly can help.

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What will Grammarly fix?

Now the main part, which areas this tool can improve? What I have noticed after using this tool for quite a while is that it will take care of all the remarkable errors that can hurt content readability.

Here I would like to list them for your better understanding:

1. Grammatical errors

It is officially said, Grammarly checks for more than 250 types of grammatical mistakes and come with absolute solutions.

I have never counted how many of them they can catch or process, but I have seen that they find the majority of all mistakes that need to be corrected. The solutions they gave are pretty correct even.

Here is a quick list of error types I have seen this tool to detect:

  1. All the basic grammar errors
  2. Wrong usage of punctuation
  3. Wrong usage of apostrophe
  4. Dangling modifier
  5. Inappropriate voice
  6. Unclear antecedent
  7. Sentence wordiness
  8. Sentence fragment
  9. Subject-verb agreement
  10. Many more…

It will not end up just pointing out the problems and their solutions. It will give you explanations and references why you should go this way so that you can remember for later.

So it is not only about removing errors, but also improving the writing skills.

2. Spelling mistakes

Many of your mistakes can be in spelling. But if you process your content into this tool, you can be assured not to have any spelling mistake left.

This tool takes all words closely, processes them in their engine to identify problems and comes with the good solutions to suggest.

This service can even solve critical issues like commonly confused words based on the context. For example, words like their/there, its/it’s, affect/effect, principal/principle, etc.

commonly confused word

3. Vocabulary usage

It is unlike any other tool in the block. It is not only a grammar checker or spelling checker, but also a vocabulary enhancer.

Grammarly will analyze words based on the context and give feedback if these require any word improvement.

If you are a non-native writer, you might not be practically aware of where to use which word. This tool will help you make the right word usage for the right context.

Furthermore, it will take the following factors in actions as well of vocabulary suggestion:

  1. Redundant words
  2. Repetitive words
  3. Overused words

vocabulary enhancement

4. Plagiarism

If you were ever concerned about content uniqueness, you might need to check if any part of your content identically appears on the web.

If you accept materials from other people for online publication, you might want to check as well whether they are unique or copied.

The Grammarly engine has an index of over 8 billion online web pages what they deploy in finding duplicate texts from contents.

You can process your content in this tool to check if any part of it is copied from somewhere. To tell you about its effectiveness, it analyzes texts very closely and sometimes line by line.

checking plagiarism

How can you make use of Grammarly?

This service works on your comfort. You can use it where you prefer since it comes with a variety of methods to make usage.

1. Online Version

This application is mainly web-based. They have a beautiful web app that you will find through logging on their website (and, of course, which will happen only after you buy their plan).

Their web app interface is simple and very helpful. You can either upload your text document or just  copy all your text and paste it into their editor for checking.

grammarly web version

2. Microsoft Office Add-in

Another version of this application comes as an add-in for Microsoft Office, and it has proved very useful to me since I usually write my content on Microsoft Word.

You can install this add-in your Microsoft Word/Excel to quickly identify the mistakes as you write away. They will give you solutions or corrections what you can apply in just simple mouse-clicks.

microsoft office add-in

➣ Integrated services for your benefit

They seem to take every chance for benefiting their customers. Here are some of the integrated services I found very helpful:

  1. Help Center: They have their support desk setup to solve your problems by emails and also have a directory of frequently asked questions.
  2. Grammarly@Edu: If you want more aggressive writing assistant software for academic purposes, they have this separate product for you (charge separately).
  3. Grammarly Answers: They have a forum of brilliant and highly educated contributors for individually solving your queries.
  4. Grammarly Handbook: A complete grammar reference is available in their website to help you learn all the grammar rules.
  5. Grammarly Words: They also have an online dictionary & thesaurus running in their website for digging into the difficult words.

Wrapping up!

I frequently write contents for either my blog or guest blogs. But analyzing it with Grammarly I can see many mistakes that I might not be able to find out myself manually.

If you also do write contents too often, it is definite that you need a proofreading tool. I will tell you give it a try in case you have any doubt. Check your content using Grammarly you finish writing it up once and you will realize the true value preposition.

So are you up to making your content more and even more readable to your readers? Get Grammarly to proofread your content after you finish writing.


  1. Find more than 250 types of grammatical errors
  2. Find contextual spelling mistakes
  3. Enhance vocabulary usage based on the context
  4. Check plagiarism from their 8 million+ webpages index
  5. Process content based on purposes like academic, business, medical etc
  6. One-click error solving interface
  7. Have add-in for Microsoft Office Suite
  8. Have handful amount of resources to improve writing skill
  9. Have Q&A forum and support desk to solve your problems


  1. It can still mislead errors at some points since no automated tool can give you 100%
  2. It is not an offline application, so you can’t use it without an internet connection


  1. If you are a content writer and want to increase your content readability by making it error-free, this tool is recommended for you
  2. If you are a blogger or content marketer and accept guest contents from others, this tool is very much necessary for you to check content uniqueness and grammar errors

Go Check Out Grammarly

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