The Beginner’s Guide to Make Money From Blogging

If we look besides us, we can see almost all the bloggers have interests to make money from blogging. They follow various methods to monetize their blogs, but the common fact is, everyone wants to monetize blog to meet up the thirsts and to bear his blogging expenses. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy as easy to say. We have to make plans and form them into reality. That means hard work, firm determination and obviously the super charged methods to make money blogging.

At first I should explain what is blog monetization. Because this post is especially for the beginners. So they might wonder what it is. In short, blog monetization is the process to make money utilizing the blog. In this case we usually choose the best paying methods. So the deeds we do in our blogs to get profited is blog monetization.

Things to Remember Before You Go For Monetizing Blogs

I’m gonna ask you a question, why do you want to monetize your blog? If it is for supporting your site, earning a living or anything special, you are solid. But if you consider it as only a money making machine, you are heading to a quite hard time. I’m not saying you can’t earn thinking in this way. Even you would be earning a lot. But that won’t go far for sure.

I personally think it should be handled thinking about the readers. A site is nothing but a place for the visitors. It is also proved that site without visitors has no positive value. So we should monetize in the way that visitors appreciate. Otherwise, you would gonna destroy your own site by your own faults.

How to Make Money From Blogging

5 Effective Methods to Make Money Blogging

PPC Advertising

The most popular monetization method I’ve ever seen is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. We can hardly see blogs which are monetizing but not using ppc networks. In fact, you will never find such an easy method like this one. Without much knowledge of earning, you can expect higher income of it. But the only thing you would require is high web traffic.

PPC is pay per click where you will get paid for per click on the ads. In fact, they also pay for impressions.

There is a vast of ppc ad networks. So which one we should use? In this case I will recommend to use the best paying networks. To make it easy for you, here are the top five recommendations:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Media Net
  3. Infolinks
  4. Bidvertiser
  5. Chitika

Now the question is how to implement the ppc ads. First, you have to apply for a publisher’s account in any of these companies. Especially you should first apply for google adsense. When you get approved, you will be asked to implement the ad codes. Simply copy that and place in on your blog. That’s all. You will start to get paid when users click on them.

Banner Advertising

Next I am gonna introduce Banner Advertising. We can simply make money from blogs by putting on different advertiser’s ads. As a result, they will give us a fixed amount of money for a fixed time. So we really need to get in touch of the genuine advertisers.

But one of the most ridiculous things is attracting blog advertisers. No one will show interest unless your blog goes viral or floating on reputations. So how could you handle the toughest thing? If you think steadily, you might realize that a source of advertisers will be really appreciated.

To my knowledge, the biggest source of banner advertisers is BuySellAds. In this network, you will be able to post ads for selling site spaces. If someone finds it useful, he would buy it space for a specific time. I can assure you, if you are in this network and having a great flow of traffic, you will get some amazing advertisers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliation is a great source of income, especially for the blogs. It’s the process to sell one’s products or services with the marketer’s reference. As a result, the marketer will get some exact profit. So I think, affiliate marketing has made blog monetization really easy.

How to get started with affiliate marketing? It’s kinda easy too. All we need to find a company that offers an affiliate program. Then we have to apply there to become a marketer.  So there is no big deal.

It’s one type of easy and one type of hard too. Because the success of money making from affiliation depends on some criteria. I would advise you to first pay attention to the niche. Niche affiliate programs are more effective and safe. If someone advertises health related products on a technology site, the visitors will both ignore and lose interest in the site. That is why niche affiliate program selection is really necessary for making money from blogs.

Paid Posts and Reviews

The paid posts and the paid reviews are the new marketing strategies. There are so many blogs that are accepting this type of posts. An advertiser might want to have a post or a review of his product to get some extra traffic. The bloggers get agreed to do this for an amount of money. So both of them get profits.

This method will sound good to all but there are some shits. With too many paid posts and reviews, the visitors feel bored and the search engines might become angry on the sites. Too much in any category is always bad. So the quick solution is moderating those paid posts before publishing. Niche paid posts will be always good for making incomes from blogs.

Offering Services

The blog is the open source platform for the bloggers to express their talents. Besides writing for the readers, one might offer services where he has got perfection. As an example, an seo blogger might offer seo services. A well managed blog gets visited by a lot of people everyday. So the chances are really high to get some loyal clients.

After a long time, I came to realize that the more your blog prospers, the more you get clients. A blog can explain how effective the blogger is. The clients take this chance to know how a blogger could perform. So a successful blog is sure to get some legal buyers to the blogger.


In my opinion, blog monetization is nothing but the understanding. Think of yourself how a single step can make money blogging. Before doing anything you might ask yourself if you are doing right. Think from the reader’s side and I’m sure you will realize what to do and what not to do. That might be the key to make money from blogging.

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