Hit Bullseye! How to Make Serious Money With ClickBank

No doubt, affiliate marketing is much effective and able to lead you way better earning than any other method. You will be pretty amazed to know, making money with clickbank is something many of us desire. This company is the gem in the field of selling digital products and for what we are interested.

ClickBank has been a true resource for affiliate marketers. This is the thing what John Chow used to make thousands of dollars each week. And this is the thing what will help you make some unusual bucks.

Can’t believe it? I think, truths are always hard to believe. Let me explain how to actually make money with clickbank affiliate marketing.

Introduction: What is clickbank and how does it work?

Clickbank is an online marketplace where digital products are held privately and what is used as a connector between digital vendors and affiliate marketers. The vendors submit their products on the marketplace, and the marketers drive referral sales to them for sales commission.

Doesn’t it sound good? You know what, clickbank can make you up to 75% commission on the sale. Marketing products can be really challenging but interesting. All we need the strong startup to become successful from the first attempt. To make it easy for you, I’m making it into 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up for clickbank
  2. Choose your products wisely
  3. Promote them by your most

I’m sure these few words wouldn’t make any difference. So here are the expanded version of these steps.

Getting started to make money with clickbank

Make massive money with clickbank

#1 Signing up for clickbank affiliate program

It’s not an exception of sign ups. Simply head over to Clickbank Signup Page and get yourself registered. Input your real info in all required fields and complete the registration.

While registering, I would suggest you to use the real information and read the terms to avoid any kind of trouble in future. Your account could be disabled for providing inaccurate info or violating any of their terms. So don’t make any mistake, make sure they are checked.

#2 Choosing the most accurate affiliate products

So far I’ve seen, most of the people make these mistakes. They randomly choose products by the amount of commission,  whatever the niche is. But do they know somehow the results would be horrible?

  • The affiliate earning will decrease drastically instead of increasing. Because their niche visitors will barely go towards irrelevant products.
  • Soon the visitors will end up visiting the site if the niche slips from the track.
  • Those products will make a negative impact for sure. Because no one except you would ever like it.

In fact, the result would be terrible than what I described. I’m sure you would never want to make the same mistake after hearing. So what to do instead?

Well, we need to search products that are 100% relevant to the site niche. You will be able to do searches from your clickbank account dashboard > marketplace. While you search, here are some actionable tips that can help you make better choices:

  • First search your niche main keywords and see the results. You will find at least a few handy products that will be fit to your site.
  • Secondly, have a look over the product price. Both high and low valued products are not good. Look for something that is from the medium range and most of all can afford to buy.


When you will find your preferred product, click the promote button to grab the affiliate link. Then shorten or cloak the link to give it a better look. You can find out some amazing tools from our affiliate suggestions.

#3 Promoting products by your utmost

Promotion is the most important part of affiliate marketing. It is wholly depending upon how you use to make promotions. The methods for promotion can vary from marketers to marketers. That’s the reason why some make huge money, and some other zeroes.

A ton of known and even unknown methods are available to promote affiliate products. No doubt, all of them are good at their position. Though here I will list a few ones what actually worked for me:

Promote on niche websites/blogs

The niche websites or blogs could be your best option to promote niche products. Because most of those site’s visitors will be interested in them. So you will have better chances to get sales.

Most of us choose this method and give it higher priority than others. Why? Because a site can usually get better page views than anything else. The visitors will be likely to the niche and all things related to niche. So they are obliged to show interest in the affiliate products.

Here is how I would suggest you to implement affiliate links or products:

  1. Create separate landing pages for your products and drive traffic to them.
  2. Create in-text links to drive direct referral traffic to the product’s sale page.
  3. Write reviews of the affiliate product and recommended it using your affiliate link.
  4. Make lists of helpful tools where you might link to your referral url.
  5. Create pop-ups to recommend your product.
  6. Add attractive banners to grab more attention.

A lot of effective methods are still available when from you can choose too. Just be careful, there are disturbing your visitors.

Promote through email marketing

I will give it the second place by priority because email marketing has been so effective for the marketers. They actually build email lists to send subscribes latest news, offers, deals and so one. And almost all the active email holders check each and every mail from their inbox.

So if they could be delighted with an awesome tool or product, they could go straight to the sales page to give a try. So it would be another amazing method to get leads. But unfortunately it’s not that easy. We will have to give our best to our website to make it stand out and to attract visitors to join the list.

Although there a several ways to market through email, I would like to suggest you the following ones:

  1. Include your top affiliate link in the email signature.
  2. Build email list and send weekly or monthly newsletter including your product.
  3. Share the offers and discounts among your list subscribers, including your affiliate links.

Promote through social media

Social media are known among the marketers as the fastest method to deliver targeted traffic. I’m damn sure there is no better place like social platforms where the users interact most. It’s only possible to get hundreds of traffic in minutes by means of social media sites like facebook, twitter and google+.

So you can leverage it to get leads. Create your offer so exquisitely that every person who pass by will at least stop and take a look. We need to improve the post writing style and add some visuals to make it even more interesting. If I do social media promotion, I will surely apply the following tactics:

  1. Make posts as interesting as possible while including links if possible.
  2. Add visuals like images and videos to make a solid eye-stop.
  3. Make posts timely and frequently to stand out in the crowd.

Promote through guest blogging

This would be looked odd because most of the blogs accepting guests would never accept affiliate links in posts or author bio. So how we can market affiliate product?

That’s really easy, promote them indirectly. I mean promote your landing pages that are hosted on your personal website or blog. So you won’t need to add direct link to the third party sales page. Instead, you are driving traffic to your own site, but in the landing page. I think that is acceptable by all.

I would personally follow these tips while guest blogging for product promotion:

  1. Guest post on the top guest blog which is much popular and could drive a lot of niche traffic.
  2. Write up the author bio and include landing pages so naturally that who looks over it would visit the page for at least once.

Be actually innovative, sell your own products!

Why to go after others product every time? Be the most innovative, create your own goods and sell them through clickbank. It’d feel so boring to promote someone’s promote, in fact the commission for each sale might not be that good. Instead, if we create own product and sell them, we will actually get more profits than without.

A question might be rounding around your head “Why did I mention to sell them through clickbank?“. So let it be clear. Clickbank is among the top 5 affiliate product’s marketplaces where actually a ton of marketers are engaging. So if you allow them to promote your goods for a little commission,  they would even double or triple the number of sales. No doubt, that would good to your business.

However, are you wondering what to sell? I think you are still living with the confusion. Just freshen up your mind and think what you could do with your skill. To my readers, I would suggest them to try out creating these:

  • Ebooks: Ebooks are so much popular in the digital marketing world. The people who want to learn really prefer to read ebooks. So the demand is high. On the other hand, if you are skilled in a specific topic and you can write beautifully, you can publish your own premium ebook. Then you can promote it on clickbank to get some extra sales.
  • Themes and Plugins: Among the most selling online products, these are among them. The person who use to run professional website or blog, buys at least a theme and some useful plugins. So you might leverage it by creating your own and promoting them widely especially through clickbank.

Does it worth working 24/7 only on clickbank?

To be exact, I think clickbank can make you enough revenues to be satisfied all the time. It’s the top marketers choice and very much trusted. The people’s choice cannot be the wrong. Some people might still think is it scam or not? I would assure them, it’s neither scam nor uncertain.

John Chow's Payment Proof

John Chow’s payment proof, Image courtesy: JohnChow

Though it’s worth your 24/7 efforts, I would never instruct to stay on the single track. Why? Because we never know when accidents take place. If we rely on one company, we will be helpless if it gets closed somehow. So there a lot more popular companies we can rely too. So we could be sure, we have had backups for them.

Finalizing it!

And finally, I hope I was able to cover here my strategy that I use to make living from clickbank. Those people who are actually interested to make 4 figure earnings, this might be helpful enough.

I tried to provide here the strong reasons to use clickbank but I didn’t want to say to that use it and forget else. In fact, I wanted to say that, use clickbank aside to boost up your earnings. I’m sure you will never be disappointed with it.

What’s your view? We would really appreciate if you give just two minutes to teach us a method on how to make money with clickbank.

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