The Easiest Guide to Making Reddit Your #1 Traffic Source

Plenty of scopes are floating around us of which Reddit is somewhat remarkable in driving traffic. Do you want to hear the truth? We run after strategies that will take years to be fulfilled. For what our initial steps keep falling.

But Reddit is excluding them. It is simple as well as a functional traffic source. You can drive massive traffic from the day one of using. Isn’t it interesting? So is the post.

Today I’m going to discuss how to be a real reddit superstar in just a matter of time. After all the main event is possessing you the whole methodology precisely.

how to get traffic from reddit

What is Reddit?

Reddit titles itself “the front page of the internet”. You know what, the title is accurate to their pursuit. It is consecutively a social network, news portal, bookmarking directory and powered-up community.

Users will submit content into the organized areas of interest called “subreddit”. Where the other users will interact by voting, commenting and sharing. This is how it works.

Digging into the history, it was founded in June 2005 by two roommates, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Now it’s leading over 174 million users (by November, 2014) from over different countries. (collected from wikipedia)

Why should you use Reddit?

This is an obvious question, perhaps you know the answer. Reddit is mainly for getting exposures, whereupon your website will look more legitimate in Google’s eye.

It is among the top 50 websites in the world with a decent amount of traffic. In average, it gets over 150 million unique visitors per month. Have a look in the past month stats:

traffic stats at a glance

Now you might be thinking how much traffic it can drive to your website. To be honest, it’s way better than your thinking. It can send you thousands of visitors even you submission is less popular.

Here is a little proof by Distilled for your soul conviction:

distilled proof

According to Neil Patel, 54 votes on a submission can lead up to 61,000 readers straight to your site. Reddit’s first-page contents usually get thousands of vote. Just imagine how much traffic they are driving. And what would happen if you get right up there?

You’re sure to be thinking, getting on the first page is very tough and limited. But the truth is, you don’t need to be an influence in order to get there. Every user is treated or listed equally. Even your very first submission has the chance to make it.

So this is up to the quality of content you will submit!

Getting stormy reddit traffic

Getting started with Reddit is quite easy and same to other social networks.

  1. Sign up for Reddit
  2. Update your preference
  3. Submit your post

These are the initial steps you will need to make your very first submission, but not enough to make it successful. You will need to know the requirements of quality submissions. So here I will explain what are most important.

Diversifying submission

Reddit allows two types of submission:

  1. Link post: It consists of a title, an url and a subreddit. We use it to share a web page by the title anchored. You can call it a bookmark too.
  2. Text post: It consists of a title, text (optional) and a subreddit. We use it to start a discussion among the community members.

submission types

You know what will most people do? They will come to reddit for only creating link posts. Because they want traffic, exposures. That’s absolutely not the right form of using it.

If you want to be a real guy of reddit, you should create both. It’s fine to create link posts but also do create text posts for making mutual connection. Thus, it will make your existence more powerful and natural.

Writing title

You might’ve noticed that title is everything for reddit. It is mandatory to each submission. Your submission will be listed by the title anchored. And most importantly, the users will decide either to click or not seeing your title.

So it makes a “do or die” situation. You title is appealing among bunches of other posts and you will get rewards for sure. Contrary, it looks not at all appearing, then wait to see it disappear in just a matter of time.

My advice is, rethink your title before just writing it up. Present it somehow that looks appealing with the value indeed.

Finding subreddit

In the starting of this post, I said contents will be filled under subreddits. You might not be clear about it. So here you go.

Your blog has categories, right? Subreddit is something like that. They are the areas of interests where your submission will be filled. Each reddit post requires a subreddit to organize it by interests.

Coming to the main point. Subreddit is more than a category in value. It will scale your traffic. Each subreddit has a number of subscribers. Subscribed users requested to see posts from that category. By filling your post into a subreddit, you’re sending it to the subscribers.

The more subscribers in a subreddit, the better your chances to get exposures. But it could happen contrariwise if your intention is just getting exposure without adding value. You have to be careful you’re posting to the relevant subreddit.

So choose subreddit that is 100% relevant to your content having a good amount of subscribers. To research your topic, you can use RedditList. Just go there and search to explore how many subscribers are on the subreddits.

subreddit research

Content selection

I agree to the confession, reddit is not good for all niches. You’re not gonna get enough traffic for all types of contents. To be clear, the audiences are looking for some specific materials. Being relevant to them, you can get massive exposures.

According to RedditList, the top ten subreddits are (ranked by the number of subscribers):

  1. funny – 7,904,686
  2. AskReddit – 7,856,416
  3. pics – 7,828,873
  4. todayilearned – 7,729,102
  5. worldnews – 7,584,110
  6. science – 7,543,897
  7. IAmA – 7,492,249
  8. videos – 7,094,211
  9. gaming – 7,035,009
  10. movies – 6,654,675

If you can post related contents to them, you have the chances to get better traffic. But that has to be appealing and worthy of it. Here are a few types of content that can do better:

  1. Infographics: can be fill under pics.
  2. Interviews: can be filled under IAmA.
  3. Videos: can be filled under videos.
  4. Questions: can be filled under AskReddit.
  5. Funny materials: can be filled under funny.

They are some of the good choices while there are thousands more you can choose.

Post timing

Many of the marketers noticed timing is the key to ranking in reddit. If you check the first page, you will realize maximum of them have reached there between only 5-8 hours from the creation. Their secret is, posting high-quality content in correct timing.

You can take the same advantage by posting content at the right time. According to Randal Olson, you should post it around 9AM EST on Sunday. While it seems like morning of the weekends leads better traffic.

reddit timing

Reciprocal interaction

Would you like to prove yourself selfish? Absolutely not. For the sake of that, you should not come to reddit for only sharing your link. If you do, other members will realize this person doesn’t care about the community. Why do we?

So dedicate some of your time to interact with others. As a member, you can do many things. Here are what you can do to establish yourself:

  • Vote on others submissions.
  • Show your opinion in comments.
  • Share others submissions.
  • Save your favorites.

By your activities, you will earn karma. You karma score will disclose how popular you are on reddit. The more popular your profile, the better amount of people will look at you.

Reddit advertisement

Have you tried facebook or stumbleupon paid advertisement? Maybe you have and got good results. But if you try reddit ads your mind will be blown away. You can have way better traffic in reddit than anything else.

How? Your submission will be promoted as a sponsored link in the featured box. For that, you will automatically get better votes, comments and traffic. You already know how powerful the votes are.

sponsored link

You can also target your traffic. That means you will be allowed to show posts to the people who are only interested. By targeting audiences, you can have better conversion rate.

Reddit Don’ts

  1. Posting same link twice or more. Users don’t want to see the same link appearing multiple time. If you do, the moderators will take immediate action. If you keep repeating this, you account could be banned.
  2. Sharing old links. Here people don’t like to see old or rehashed contents. So you should avoid them.
  3. Autoposting. Some tools can automate posting on social networks. Though other social networks accept it, Reddit might not.
  4. Doing spam. Reddit is very serious about the standard of community. So your first spam would be the last spam of your account.
  5. Manipulating submissions. If you use any bot or buy votes to reach the first page, you could actually push yourself to get deleted.

rules of reddit

Be cautious. Otherwise it will make you lame!

Reddit is not for link building, at least not in 2015

A question might be revolving in your head, “Can we take reddit to build backlinks?” My answer is straight “No”. Why?

  • Reddit is populated with tons of links. They will not help you a lot except just increasing the number of links.
  • Links are typically nofollow. So no link juice.
  • People once used reddit for mass bookmarking. So this might be under Google’s target anytime.

The strategy might be working a few years ago. But now, it doesn’t make any sense. 2015 is the year to link earning. So we should avoid easy backlinking strategies otherwise we might get caught.

Pretend reddit like a traffic driving resource, and you’ll be fine.

Quality of traffic is usually not high

Reddit can drive mass traffic in very short time. But I don’t want to keep it secret that the driven traffic will make bounce rate over 80% and page view normally one or under.

Still I think Reddit traffic is useful. It will get exposures from a large number of audiences. You brand name will get introduced to them, and that’s necessary to your branding.

If you ask for my opinion, I will drive traffic from reddit and try to convert them into my subscribers. This is an ideal choice to utilize every single traffic you will get from there.

Now’s your turn!

Reddit is something that every marketer needs. We all want traffic, and traffic. I think, this is a powerful option we can undoubtedly choose.

I want to make one note, a little secret too. I use to drive traffic from reddit and work for turning them into subscribers. I use slide in and pop up subscribing invitation what have individually increased my subscribers. So traffic is not wasted.

What’s your opinion, How do you get reddit traffic? And what do you do to utilize them? I will be glad to know that.

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