Why Do We Use Disqus Comment System For Our Blog?

Comments, ah no doubt this is one of the most important parts of a blog. Several amount of commenting systems is available on the web. Almost all of them are excellent and worthy of trying. But why did we choose only discuss comments, excepting others?

Unfortunately the bad news is the history behind this selection is quite long. But the good news, we are going to reveal our whole blueprint through this post. I hope you will enjoy it and probably some of you will start to use it too. So first let me clear a few more things.

You might ask, does a comment system really matter for a blog? No choice, I would definitely say it does. Actually a blog is a place where the authors will be sharing their personal thoughts and the readers will engage with it through sharing their own too. And comment section is the area where they can directly participate is a post.

If the commenting system is not so comfortable for a reader, he might choose not to use it. Contrary, if it is very unique and comfortable, he might be insisted to leave a comment. That’s why it really matters either you are selecting the best one or not. I’m hopeful today, you will be able to find the exact one.

“Disqus” – What is it?

Disqus is a comment service for blogs and online communities that is hosted by Disqus, Inc. This company was founded in 2007 by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan. This company actually hosting comments for over 750,000 websites including CNN, IGN and so many well known companies. [Collected from Wikipedia]

Let me explain easily how does it work. This company has their own technology where they provide comment form of websites and collect submitted queries on their database. According to the users request, they show these up. They are providing such excellent features alongside this system that is making it so rich.

The good news is, this service is already supported by almost the platforms such as wordpress, blogger, tumblr, drupal and all with html, css. You can check some common questions asked by the users here.

Our personal reasons to choose disqus comments

disqus comment form

Strong spam filtering

I think, spam is the main reason to focus on commenting systems. We always look for solution how we can lead a spam-free blog commenting system without affecting the user experience. Well, in this case we will need to choose something that will kill all the spam activities, increasing the usability.

Disqus is especially with the same intention. It offers you to pre-moderate all the comments or moderate only the comments with links. So there is no chance of spamming. In fact, they have blacklists, whitelists and word filtering technology, which has made spam almost impossible.

We want to keep our blog out of any spammy activities. That’s why we have chosen disqus to pre-moderate all comments with word filtering, which is exclusively available only on this system.

Simplified comment tracking

In wordpress, blogger or any other platforms, it’s really hard to see all the comments by a commentator, organizing and replying is difficult as well. So this problem really occurs for not having a specific comment dashboard.

In disqus, every user needs to get registered first. After that, when he will post a comment, it will be added to his profile where he can manage it, reply to it or do whatever he wants with his comments. So actually there will be no hindrance in managing the comments he made.

Though your commentators are not getting registered on your site, but they are doing it on a trusted company. So keep your site secure just handing over the user profiles to them. But you will still get the same benefits.

Improved site performance

Do you know all the things regarding disqus are actually severed from their own website and database? They record comment on their personal database. even the profiles, dashboards, all are hosted by their own.

If you use normal wordpress or blogger, all your comments will be recorded on your database. So a ton of them could hurt your database performance. In fact, they can make your site very slow to respond. Sometimes your host might not handle if you receive thousand of comments daily.

That’s another reason why we have chosen disqus. It helps us to host our comments on a third party website, show them here with direct scripts without making a lot of customizations on the template. Usually no one will give such delightful services like disqus do.

Powerful moderation dashboard

I must say, disqus has made moderation really easy. They provide us so many opportunities for moderation as well. They haven’t limited it within their website. You can moderate comments directly from your platforms and from the comment forms too.

The most amazing feature, it offers you to moderate comment through emails. I think, no one will give you this offer. Not only that, if you going over a ton of comments and can’t handle it by yourself, you can add more moderators too. So actually, disqus is like a comment haven.

One click login and sharing

On this system, there is one click login systems for the users. They can either login with their disqus account or use facebook, twitter or google+ authentication. This has been been just quick and simple. Anyone can register for it just with a simple click.

Do you know you can share any comment on social media from disqus? I think, it’s an innovative thing that I have seen, especially in these third party programs. I’m sure, most of the commenting methods will not let you do that.

Instant notification and subscription

Disqus is so much developed in notification and comment subscription. The commentators will be notified via email if it gets any reply. In fact, anyone can subscribe to a post to follow up all comments. If someone is interested to hear what others say, he can use this feature.

Another important thing is notification icon just like facebook. If you are logged in as a disqus member, the notification icon will blink if there is any unseen notification for you. Without any doubt, this feature won’t be available for all the comment systems.

Deep comment analysis

On disqus admin dashboards, there is an analysis tab where the moderator can analyze total comments, total votes, last 3 months report etc.

There are some advanced features available too. All is available to serve better user experience.

Responsive and mobile friendly layout

If you have previously used other commenting systems, you might have noticed, it’s neither responsive nor mobile friendly. In order to make it friendly with mobile devices, you will require a responsive css (I have guided how to make blogger responsive). But it requires some coding levels.

But in disqus, it is already optimized for mobile devices with its smooth responsive design. In fact, it gets fit in any area of a website. Just declare the div width and it will automatically make his place. Most importantly, it will work on almost all javascript supported mobile browsers.

Rich text and media supported

It’s really amazing that disqus supports all types of rich texts and media, including images, videos, embedding, syntax highlighting and so on.

Not only that, it makes them fit for mobile devices too. We will just need to use the proper embed codes and we can easily embed almost anything necessary. We usually need to embed codes and images, so this is another important reason to choose it.

Monetizing opportunity

Disqus has introduced a new feature which is called promoted discovery. You might have already seen the discovery box where the others conversations are shown. But, if you enable promoted discovery, some other news from the disqus community will be shown.

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It’s something like a paid discovery tool. Where advisers pay to get targeted traffics driven directly to their websites. So if you enable this function for your blog, you will start to earn from it. And disqus will let you withdraw your reviews when you will reach your first $100. It is a CPC based advertisement just like Google Adsense.

Why you should use it too

Disqus comment system is recommended by not only me, but also the world class internet marketers. You can see most of the marketing and seo related popular blogs use this system. Why? Because it has a lot of hidden amenities.

If you are running your blogs, I would suggest you to use it. Because this is the one that will lead you back to back possibilities. Either you are blogging for seo values, traffic, money or fame, disqus system is recommended in all aspects.


Wow! I think, I’ve revealed all my secrets behind using disqus. Although this post contains 1500+ words, I think it’s still less to cover all the benefits of it. I’m sure many of you will be interested to give a try to it if you have read the post A to Z.

What do you think, what’s the big deal about disqus comments? We would be really happy if you spread your knowledge among us!

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