15 Best Ever Affiliate Marketing Plugins For WordPress

Well, actually affiliate marketing has been reported as the most significant earning method over the web. Days after days the count of emergent marketers is increasing. Especially wordpress affiliate marketers are growing over in a noticeable value.

WordPress has been nominated as the best blogging platform by the top 100 blogs. Plugins have made affiliation so easy that we can’t even think about another platform. But the biggest question, “Which are the best plugins we can afford to use?”.

It’s our luck that a ton of both free and paid plugins is available. We just need some piece of advises to choose the proper one. So we want to try our best in suggesting you the best 15 wordpress affiliate marketing plugins which might be useful and worthy of your time.

Top 15 wordpress plugins for the emergent affiliate marketers

wordpress affiliate marketing plugins

Plugins for Link Cloaking

1. Pretty Link (Free and Paid)

pretty links

Pretty link is a smart plugin to shorten or redirect urls using your own domain. It helps you create clean, simple urls which will be more friendly to the readers, as well the se crawler bots. In fact, it helps you track your links in depth. You will be able to know the hit’s geographic location, os, browser and so many advanced things from their reports.

On the other side, Pretty link pro leads more features than the lite version. Using pro, you will be able to do cloaked redirection, javascript redirection, social sharing and much more interesting things.

Key features:

  • Allows 301 (permanent) and 307 (temporary) redirects to serve clean affiliate urls.
  • Offers you to generate 3-4 character slugs automatically. You can place custom slugs too.
  • Provides details report of generic hits, unique hits based upon daily, monthly or yearly basis. You can track geographic locations, os and browsers as well.
  • Offers you make cloaked, pretty bar and even javascript redirection for much better UX. (Pro only)
  • Enables Google Analytics tracking for links. (Pro only)
  • Allows keyword replacement, url replacement, split testing and import, export of urls. (Pro only)
  • Opens up several automatic social sharing possibilities. (Pro only)

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2. Redirection (Free)


It’s a simple plugin we personally love to use for redirecting urls. This plugin lets you do almost any type of redirects and track clicks on them. Besides, it will let you group links, create logs and record 404s.

You can do post redirection and even a whole directory redirection as per your requirement. So it has been saving a lot of value times of the consumers.

Key features:

  • Offers the ability to create 301, 302 and 307 redirects.
  • Automatically redirects posts to the valid one when the slugs get changed.
  • Lets you easily monitor all 404 errors and log them on a page.
  • Offers you to redirect a whole directory instead of just a single link.
  • Fully supports regular expressions without using apache .htaccess.


3. Simple Urls (Free)

simple urls

Simple URLs plugin is all about to make complex or long urls simple. It works like a wp post through a custom post type. You can specify its title, source and redirected to link from the wp editor of custom post types.

Additionally, it is focused on serving the url without any kinda permalink issues. It can enhance your redirects performance and moreover, it works like a charm.

Key features:

  • Offers easy url management with 301 redirects.
  • Works through custom post type.
  • Helps you track each and every clicks of the links.
  • Works without any permalink conflicts.


Plugins for Banner Affiliation

4. AdRotate (Free)


AdRotate makes it really easy to manage all sorts of banner advertisements. People mightn’t be interested to alter their theme to implement ads. They feel tensed if something goes wrong. I’ve personally seen many people who actually don’t want to change codes.

So this plugin is especially for them to create and implement ads just from the wordpress dashboard. No need to do any hard coding. It works so simply, create a new ad with your banner code and implement it using shortcode. It easily works both on posts, pages and widgets.

Key features:

  • Allow you create single ads and even group of ads.
  • Offers shortcode, widget and PHP to implement ads.
  • Lets your advertisers manage their own ads by themselves.
  • Suits with almost all popular banner sizes like 729×90, 468×60, 125×125 and so forth.
  • Gives you details report of clicks and CTR.
  • Offers to create restrictions and schedules.
  • Works perfectly with Google Adsense, Yahoo Ads and so on.


5. WP125 (Free)


WP125 is mainly determined to provide direct advertising opportunities. Yes, you might have guessed it right that it only supports 125px x 125px ad spaces. Who are fed of using third party ad networks can use this plugin to generate some direct sales of ad space.

You can put placeholders to attract advertisers to grab ’em. Adding, tracking and scheduling have been made so easy that it saves both time and efforts. That’s why we actually love to use it.

Key features:

  • Allows you to add 125px x 125px small square ads based upon one or two column display.
  • Lets you add placeholders and drive advertisers to your sales page.
  • There is no maximum allowance of ads. You can add as many as you wish in any custom order you prefer.
  • Gives you the ability to schedule ads for specific periods.
  • Lets you track ad clicks more easily besides the easy implement system.


Plugins for In-text Affiliation

6. Ninja Affiliate (Paid)

ninja affiliate

Ninja Affiliate is a lethal marketing tool that can double or even triple your affiliate earnings. How? It automatically converts keywords into affiliate links. So while reading blogs, the visitors might be interested to click and look around. So there is a much better chance to get more sales.

This premium plugin is actually recommended by the top class affiliate marketers. Do you know, in-text affiliation is effective a lot more than a banner affiliation, especially in blogs. So I think it worth at-least a try to see by your own, how actually it increases your affiliate marketing earning.

Key features: 

  • It offers simple affiliate link management like sorting, grouping etc.
  • Allows to cloak links with redirection.
  • Automatically converts keywords into in-text affiliate links.
  • Offers to directly add affiliate links from wp post editor.
  • Controls smart caching for better user experience.
  • Lets you decide to add nofollow or dofollow link attributes.


7. SEO Smart Links (Free and Paid)

seo smart links

SEO has never been easy though people say it’s actually easy. But don’t worry, SEO Smart Links can handle the internal linking process. It can automatically link keywords to the urls that is specified on the settings. So you don’t need to link every time while creating a post. Once is enough to link the same page from all contents.

So how affiliate marketers can be helpful of it? They can use keywords to link to their affiliate links. And it could be done just from the settings page without visiting and linking from contents all the time. It can really save a lot of time.

Key features:

  • Automatically processes keywords and link them with other pages.
  • Full customizable options.
  • Helps seo with better internal linking.
  • Control link target and nofollow attributes.
  • Ensures max site performance with smart caching.

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Plugins for Amazon Affiliates

8. Amazon Link (Free)

amazon link

Amazon affiliate marketing isn’t really time consuming? Searching for products, looking for ad code and finally implementing it on the website. In my opinion, I think that is not everyone would be looking for.

So Amazon Link wordpress plugin makes it easy to search products and include them in posts. Just from the post editor, you can search for your keywords to find relevant products and include them instantly. In fact, it can help you to add those ads easily in the template and the widgets as well.

Key features:

  • Searching and implementing of products has been made easy.
  • Allows shortcodes to implement products.
  • Offers you to localize products based on the nationality.
  • Serves cache for improved site performance.
  • Includes free templates for amazon widgets.


9. EasyAzon (Free and Paid)


EasyAzon plugin lets you link amazon products more effortlessly in less time. It helps you to search the product and include it as a link just from the wordpress post editor. So the days have gone when we used to go amazon.com and find products.

In fact, EasyAzon Pro offers the marketers to add image links or a whole product block. Additionally the pro version will let you cloak and manage your affiliate links. I think, amazon affiliation would never be so easy without especially EasyAzon. It’s an ultimate solution for wordpress blogs.

Key features:

  • The quickest and the easiest amazon implementation.
  • Lets you add text based links for the product.
  • Offers special image affiliate links and whole product block for affiliation. (Pro only)
  • Lets you set up call to action button. (Pro only)
  • Supports link cloaking, localization and tracking. (Pro only)
  • Offers pop ups on link hover to show product details. (Pro only)

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Plugins for Affiliate Program Creation

10. Affiliates (Free)


Affiliates plugin is the right choice for all those wordpress marketers who want to create their own affiliate program. Selling own product is another effective method to earn both money and reputation. But it’s the truth, it’s tough and even the toughest work to promote by only yourself.

So in this case, you can use this plugin to create your own affiliate marketing program and offer the other marketers to promote it for a revenue sharing. Both of you and your marketers will be beneficial. Most amazingly, this plugin can handle it so easily that you are bound to use it.

Key features:

  • Easy affiliate program management system.
  • Offers automated affiliate registration.
  • Supports unlimited number of affiliates. All depends upon how much your host can handle.
  • Provides API to be used for E-Commerce and membership systems virtually.
  • Real time reporting of affiliates.
  • Proves extensions for many more extra features.


11. WordPress Affiliate Platform (Paid)

wp affiliate platform

WordPress Affiliate Platform is a superb premium plugin for affiliate management and tracking. It opens up a wide range of features to perform own affiliate program without any extra effort. All the things can be handled just staying on wordpress dashboard.

Through this plugin, you can offer banners, links  to the marketers and they will be provided with their own links where they can refer. Whenever a hit comes with a referral url, the plugin will track and share revenues for sales automatically. So altogether, it’s a great choice to run own campaign.

Key features:

  • Easy campaign start-up in less time.
  • Provides ability to serve own banners, links or creatives.
  • Monitors clicks and sales automatically. Revenues can be automatically shared with the marketers.
  • Helps you build more sales than without.
  • Separates affiliate management area for marketers.
  • Easy integration systems e-stores and shopping carts.
  • Supports unlimited number of affiliates.


Plugins for Review Affiliation

12. Author hReview (Free and Paid)

author hreview

Some days ago, I guided how to add schema markup manually. But what if anyone want to handle it with a plugin? I’m sure that a lot of marketers will request for this feature. For especially them, this plugin has come to handle it within the wordpress admin area.

Author hReview manages to add hReview and AggregateRating based on the shcema.org markup. So its simple explanation is, the plugin adds rich snippets to products to enhance its usability and drive some extra traffic from search engines. If you already know how important rich snippets are, you can guess how effective this plugin would be.

Key features:

  • Offers schema markup for reviews using hReview and AggregateRating.
  • Supports only editorial rating submission.
  • Enhances reviews and their search results with rich snippets.
  • Adds semantic markups for better content understanding.
  • Works simply from the wordpress post editor.
  • Provides more advanced features and templates. (Pro only)

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13. WP Review (Free)

wp review

A simple light-weight plugin for wordpress to make reviews quite easily. We already provided a checklist for writing reviews but we didn’t discus before how to enhance it with review blocks. And we specially didn’t mention how to make it work better with wordpress.

So using this plugin, you can add reviews, stars, percentages and rich snippets. Moreover, you can customize it just like you want it to see. Simple install and implementation has made it really easy to use. I think, it is the fastest and most frequent wordpress plugin ever.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive with the fluid concept.
  • Supports starts, percentages and point ratings.
  • Compatible with wordpress multisite.
  • Offers google’s rich snippet for better search appearance.
  • The most light-weight review plugin.
  • Fully customizable and easy integration.


Plugins for Pop-up Affiliation

14. OptinMonster (Paid)


If you’re an active internet seer, you must have seen pop ups coming up. It usually comes up to recruit emails for list building. But it can be used to market affiliate products too. You can show your favorite product on the pop up to make visitors pay an extra attention to it.

OptinMonster has made it really easy make custom pop ups and its appearance. It offers so many custom templates that you can choose and implement it instantly. In fact, it gives you the ability to customize just the way you want. So I think it’s the best ever plugin for pop up creation.

Key features:

  • Built-in optin form templates.
  • Serves better user experience with exit-intent technology.
  • Supports split testing for expanded conversation.
  • Offers custom page targeting.
  • Gives full analytic report.
  • Full customizing opportunity.


15. WP Hello Bar (Free)

wp hello bar

WP Hello Bar plugin helps you implement hello bar right from the wordpress dashboard. Well, Hello Bar is actually powered by CrazyEgg from their official website. By this plugin, you can only implement it instantly, but you will have to generate code from their website.

How does it help with affiliate marketing? It offers a bar in an absolute position to appear at the very top all the time. Whether you scroll or not, the position of the bar will be fixed on top. So you can promote your product through the bar to get more attention to it. It usually makes better impressions for the links.

Key features:

  • Offers colorful bar that will be always on the top.
  • Improves sales and make better impressions.
  • Lets you set custom text block with the url.
  • Helps you capture more subscribers to your email list.
  • Doesn’t affect page performance a much.


Conclusion: Now its your turn to choose affiliate plugins

Finally, I tried to cover up our 15 favorite affiliate marketing plugins for the loyal marketers. I’ve done my work, so now it’s your turn. Choose your ones from them that fit you and your audiences. Still wondering what to include and exclude from them?

My simple suggestion: visit your blog just like a regular reader and think of what could be added without affecting the user experience. In fact, think of something that will add additional value to the users. We often make such big mistakes in blogging for only money. So I want you to check first if are not doing anything wrong.

And these are the top 15 suggestions of wordpress plugins for affiliate marketing. In fact, we will appreciate your personal opinions and experiences too in comments.

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