5 Quick Statistics Plugins to Monitor Traffic from WordPress

How about monitoring website traffic from wordpress without going anywhere outside the dashboard?

I am telling you this because logging into a third party program to check traffic daily would be painful.

I have been using Google Analytics from the start, but I barely remember when I last logged into it on a regular basis.

I do not even log into it more than once a week, but I check my traffic, referrals and clicks daily without any hesitation! It is rather common to ask how is that possible?

The secret is a statistics plugin that keeps me updated of my traffic right from the wordpress admin panel!

You can save both time and effort using a plugin that informs you about your traffic data in the wp panel.

However, the problem is that there are quite a few of them available in number that often makes confusion which one is best to install.

To make the problem gone, here I will suggest you some of the best statistics plugins that I came across, including the one I am using right now.

So you just need to make your mind for any one of these…

Top 5 WordPress Statistics Plugins

1. Jetpack by WordPress.com

jetpack site stats

Jetpack is one of the most popular plugins available in the wp repository, and I have literally fallen in love with it.

There are several reasons to love this plugin; the first is that it is itself an essential toolbox that comes with 35+ features.

One of their best features is named “WordPress.com Stats” that can report you about daily-weekly-monthly page views, referrers, search terms, outgoing clicks and top posts instantly.

The dashboard looks clean and recommended for reviewing traffic data. I have it installed in almost all my blogs and pretty satisfied with the reports it generated.


2. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

google analytics dashboard

Google Analytics is the most widespread traffic analytic program for not only wordpress but also any platform in the web.

Many people have firm belief that Google is the name of trust and prefer using Google’s services taking their eyes off. There is no reason to blame the choice because their services are actual good.

This plugin is especially for them who want to use Google Analytics and save the time of logging into it.

This plugin will display Google Analytics reports right in your wordpress dashboard. That means you need not to login to Google Analytics frequently anymore.

You will be glad to know that this plugin can also show real-time data. Even, if you are having any problem inserting Google Analytics tracking code, this plugin can help.


3. WP Slimstat

wp slimstat dashboard

WP Slimstat is the toughest competitor of Jetpack; some says it is better than that. In fact, some weighted in their sayings that you may not need Google Analytics if you have this.

This plugin is recommended for all of them who wants advanced traffic report, for instance, geo, ip, browser, platform, real-time activity and so forth.

The only reason I am not using it is that I wanted something simple, I did not required much information about my visitors there.


4. Google Analyticator

google analyticator summary

This is an alternative to the “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP” plugin, but both are used for the same achievement.

This plugin will display Google Analytics report in your wp dashboard, help you in adding tracking code and assist you setup any event/tracking.

As this is almost same to the number two plugin of this post, you may want to use it if you can not get that working; as an alternative option.


5. WP Statistics

wp statistics overview

This is another good option to monitor visitors and can be filled in the advanced statistics plugins’ block.

You will find many interesting features in this plugin and get them in details without depending on any external service.

This plugin is quite similar to “WP Slimstat” plugin that uses their own script to monitor traffic, no third party!


Which one is best for you?

It may not be accurate to recommend a plugin for you in the first place because that might not suit you. So I will try to break it into few lines.

For general purposes and for most people who want a simple plugin to check their statistics, I will recommend Jetpack.

For Google Analytics lovers who want nothing but Google Analytics tracking should go for Google Analytics Dashboard for WP or Google Analyticator.

And finally, those who are like techie, want to keep advanced records of visitors and don’t want to rely on any third party program can choose between WP Slimstat or WP Statistics.

Over to you!

A statistics plugin in your wordpress can practically save your time and may make you more productive. So I think it will not go waste if you give it a try.

So what do you think, which wordpress statistics plugin you are using right now and how you make use of it to increase productivity? Let’s add more values in the comments!

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