Self Hosted WordPress or Blogger? Which is The Best Platform

In the competitive blogging era, the most controversial thoughts take place about wordpress vs blogger. Some people say wordpress is the greatest platform of all CMS. Another group of people disregards their opinion saying self hosted blogger is above all. This is one of the toughest work of blog start up if you don’t know the exact comparison between these two. Mainly the blogging beginners struggle for the appropriate choice.

It is really common because there are a good number of platforms. Among all of these, the discussed two are major choices. So the question appears in front of all, what is the best platform wordpress or blogger? Well, we need the detailed comparison between them to make the right decision.

Quick Notes On First of All:

  • Blogspot and Blogger are the same. The platform’s main name is Blogger. If you get a full free blog including domain name from there, it will get a sub-domain of blogspot. That’s why it is also named blogspot.
  • I am only discussing about self hosted wordpress and blogger with paid domain names. There are also free versions of both platforms. I really don’t like free tools. Because these are going to create a ton of problems for sure. That is why I won’t discuss it today. Please don’t misunderstand between free and paid.

Quick Comparison of WordPress VS Blogger Blogs Relying on User Votes

WordPress or Blogger Comparison

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If we quickly look over the internet, we will know from everywhere that WordPress is the best platform for self hosting. The Next Web blog shared the list of top blogging platforms serially on a post. WordPress is the first in their list and Blogger ranked second. WordPress was released on 27 May, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Among all platforms, 60 million websites what is approximately 43% are running on WordPress. On the other hand, Blogger was established by Pyra Labs. But in 2003 Google bought the company. It is second by the user votes. There are about 35% of Blogger users. For the rest, there are 16% of Tumblr, TypePad and Posterous blogs. And the last 6% is for others. (Collected from Wikipedia and

From the quick comparison chart of blogger vs wordpress, it is clear that wordpress is the winner by user vote. The maximum number of people couldn’t be wrong. So, if we depend on themselves, WordPress is better than Blogger.

WordPress Blog Features


Easy to Use

WordPress is designed so simply that anyone can run it. Mainly a blog leads many functions where web designing is required for many purposes. But wordpress has changed the rule by making a beautiful admin panel. There every functionality is presented very easily. Without coding knowledge, anyone could run this without facing any problem.

Ton of Plugins and Themes

It is mainly loved by all because of a ton of plugins and themes. The most important thing is that all of these are free to install. There are almost all types of plugins for your every need. And there are also many kinds of themes available. You can spontaneously even use your own plugins or themes. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Multi-Author Compatibility

Blogs mean where many of the bloggers could attend on writing their own posts. So, multi-author compatibility is a must. In WP, it is handled so effectively that just the authors could write effortlessly. There are options to manage compatibilities of them.


Require Self Domain and Hosting

If you want to make a wordpress blog, you definitely need to buy own domain and hosting. So, it would charge you valuable price. After that you have to install the blog software on it. Recommended host is HostGator as I use effortlessly. Use coupon BloggingSpell for 25% off on your products.

Security Level is Low

As you are gonna have it on your own server, there will be a low security unless you work on it. By default the security would be very low. But if you use plugins or codes, you could make it as secure as others.

Coding is Hard

WordPress is a CMS blog what is created depending on PHP. It is totally a new programing language which is really different than HTML. There are also JavaScript and JQuery scripts to run different elements. Without knowledge of PHP, JavaScript and JQuery, you can’t make even a minor change.

Blogger Blog Features


No hosting Required

The biggest advantage of this platform is there is no hosting required. The blogs will be served from Google’s servers for free. Only you have to buy a domain name. So, this platform will individually lower your cost than anything else. You are also gonna enjoy the best blog load time of Google.

Coding is Easy

Blogger blogs are designed with simple HTML and CSS. So, you could definitely make customizations as per your needs. There is no programming language as a result, you can do anything without knowledge of programming.

Almost Impossible to Hack

These blogs are totally secured by Google. If anyone asks which website is most secure in the world, I would obviously say Google. Because your blog will be served by Google servers. So you should just relax.


Blog Owned By Google

If you create your self hosted blog through blogger, you won’t be the owner. That seems really disgusting right? Yes, it is really disgusting. Even, Google could delete your whole site at any time. Recently, Google has removed a good number of blogs without any critical reason. Please keep in mind that they will never notify you about it.

Lacks in New Technology

Day by day blog platforms are improving their functionality. But there is no improvement for blogger. It is continuing just like before. Even, new coding languages like PHP, JS are not supported.

WordPress or Blogger? Which is Best For SEO Blogging

In the modern age, the effective internet marketing method is SEO. So, most of the bloggers will be looking for blogs that are search engine optimized. So, what’s gonna be the best one?

WordPress will be owned by yourself and all things depends on you. If you could follow the effective seo methods, you could rank very fast for a long time. You can manage every seo components with less effort. There is a plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast which all in one for all seo needs. Just install it and you are going to boost ranking following their rules.

Blogger will be owned by Google. However, you will get advantages from them, the disadvantages are more than that. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get good ranking with simple forum posting, social bookmarking for seo. Because Google could get all of your data to analyze your site. And there would be no SEO plugins as well. So, all things are going to be done manually.

In view of these, WordPress is measured the best which is also recommended by Matt Cutts (Google’s Web Spam Head).

So, Who is The Winner?

As I tried to present the most important parts of these two platforms, you can easily get your answer. Either blogger or wordpress truly depends on your choice. If you deeply judge, Blogger has lots of advantages but the disadvantages are higher than that. WordPress has the best advantages what would be perfect for your blogging and seo.

So I think for WordPress vs Blogger platforms, The winner is WordPress comparing all possible sides for blogging and seo.

If you do decide to go for a WordPress blog, our friends over at have created a great tutorial to help you get started.

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